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Company Pulse

Our employee feedback tool gives you the information you need to identify problems earlier and make smarter decisions about your company culture.

Realtime feedback

Start collecting real-time feedback through regular pulse survey to gauge employee sentiment and feedback. Identify strengths and areas which needs improvement.

Get real-time employee feedback, identify organizational issues so you can provide key insights to management on actions to be taken to be improve transparency and gain employee trust.

Increase employee satisfaction and retention through continuous feedback

Meaningful Data

Company pulse survey results are displayed in an intuitive dashboard which are easy-to-read, understand, compare feedback with industry benchmark data.

Take a holistic view or drill down into results by department, region or team to get detailed sentiment analysis.

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Actionable insights

Company pulse surveys helps in identifying issues, feedback from your team and provide key data regarding employee feedback and sentiments. Recognize the need for action and potential for improvement based on real-time feedback from your teams.

Build great company culture

Pulse surveys are performed more regularly and tend to focus more on specific topics.

Since the pulse survey are done at regular intervals, the score tend to be consistent rather than conducting one annual survey.

Pulse survey along with a transparent feedback system promotes to build great company culture

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