Employee Discounts Platform (XE)

A simple and easy to use platform to manage all company perks or discounts.

Employee Discounts Platform (XE)

Kioraa’s Employee Discounts Platform (XE) is the perfect solution for organizations to manage internal perks or employee discounts program. The Employee Discounts Application can be easily accessed via user’s mobile device, the application is easy to understand and use.

With Kioraa, you get to choose how to manage your employee discounts program. Stay agile and in control of every aspect of the employee discounts program, ensure its relevant & accurate. Setting up, adding vendors, content related to employee perks is easy. You can make modifications to content as required and easily manage users in the platform.

You can easily manage the users in the employee discounts program and also track the effectiveness of the program.

Complete Control Over Content

With Kioraa’s Employee Discounts Platform (XE), you decide on how to run the organization’s employee discounts program. Administrator gets the complete control over the content which goes in the program. System is highly flexible and can be customized based on the company’s requirements.

Easy User Management

Managing users in the platform is extremely easy, with few clicks on the perks content management system you can easily add, edit or remove users in the platform. 

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Easy to Use Application

Kioraa was built with simplicity & flexibility in mind for fast-growing, global companies. Kioraa’s Employee Discounts Platform (XE) is simple and easy to use and it required no training.   

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Monitor program usage, see how much employees are saving, which perks are most popular, redemption frequency, and more

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