Employee Engagement Solution (XS)

Comprehensive Employee Engagement Solution that helps to drive employee engagement and helps employee save with global perks program.

Employee Engagement Solution (XS)

Kioraa’s Employee Engagement Solution (XS) is a global program that integrates the Employee Engagement Platform along with the worldwide perks. With Kioraa Perks, your hard-working employees have access to the best pre-negotiated corporate perks, like discounts on entertainment, fitness, and travel, available globally. An employee discount program is a simple way to bring better employee benefits to your employees. Using our solution, your organization can give employees significant monthly savings from essential, every day and seasonal purchases. 

Backbone of the solution is our network of Solution Partners. We are on a mission to bring in best employee benefits for our clients which enables them to build an engaged workforce. We are also focused on giving equal opportunities to local business and give them fair access to larger community of potential customers.

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