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No more guesswork – our employee feedback tool gives you the information you need to identify problems earlier and make smarter decisions about your company culture.

Start collecting real-time feedback

  • Give your employees a voice
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Get real-time employee feedback
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention through continuous feedback

Continuous Feedback

Receive important feedback on your business climate on regular intervals. Get to know the pulse of the organization. Give your employees a way to tell how they feel quickly and anonymously.

Feedback Chat

Empower employees to discuss the feedback anonymously through chats.

Suggestions box

Never miss important suggestions from your team. The suggestion box empowers your employees to submit feedback like ideas, criticism or praise at any time.


Deliver timely company news to staff, wherever they are. Transform employee communications into two-way, social conversations. Connect employees with your company’s purpose, mission and values

Actionable insights

Recognize the need for action and potential for improvement based on real-time feedback from your teams.

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