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Empower your employees to create a culture of thanks, recognize each other, develop and succeed.

One centralized platform

Everything you need for employee recognition.


Recognizing employees helps you attract talent and keeps your team connected. Because people are the backbone of any business.


Kioraa provides a centralized platform for your people to recognize each other, build a culture of team bonding and engagement.

In a few clicks, your people would be able to send recognition to peers or managers or anyone within the company privately or publicly. The recipient of recognition are notified instantly.


Bringing company values to life

With Kioraa, you get to choose a company value while you are recognizing a colleague which helps to instill and reinforce those values.

Value-based employee recognition is highly effective and bring positive influence to workplace culture.

Learn how to

Build a culture of recognition and create highly engaged workforce.

Recognition Dashboards

Tools like Recognition dashboard helps to create healthy competition among teams and help to build a recognition culture withing the company.  Dashboard is also a very useful tool for Managers to identify right people and keep them motivated.

Celebrating milestones

Show your employees how much they matter, never miss out of key milestones such as work anniversaries, staff birthdays. This helps to creates a culture of gratitude and connection within the company.


Quickly evaluate everybody’s opinion through easy to create Polls. Polls can be shared with specific team or department or with the entire organization. You can launch a Company Poll to gain employee feedback on variety of topics. Managers use Polls to gauge employee opinions on different topics.

Can you use Kioraa's recognition
module for remote and hybrid employees?

Yes, you can! Kioraa's employee recognition solution are simple to use, whether your people are working in the office or remotely.

It helps in creating a great company culture.

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