Why Kioraa

Simple to use platform

Fast to Setup

Our modern and intuitive administrator tools can have you set up a world class employee recognition program in a matter of hours rather than days and weeks.

Easy to Govern

Use our advanced analytics and insights tools to manage and govern your program. Real time data updates keep you on top of all program metrics anytime, anywhere.

Simple to Use

Our employee engagement platform is very easy to understand and use. You don’t need to worry about training employees to start using it.

Craft experiences catered to each employee

Showcase: individual and team achievements with meaningful moments of recognition.

Embed: a culture of continuous recognition with on-the-spot recognition tools accessible anytime, anywhere.

Connect: your people to your purpose mission and values while highlighting the behaviors which influence your business goals.

Invest your time in people to create a high performing organization

invest in people show appreciation for staff, Save your employees money on everyday purchases, Boost your Employee Value Proposition.

Solve your employee engagement challenges

Attract and retain high performing people

Build in a culture of recognition and reward

Show you value their efforts

Build a highly motivated workforce

Save big on time, effort and money

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